Villager Backstories

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What is Backstories?

  • A special Villager advertisement which consists of your ad placed next to an article and photo about your business.
  • Buy a quarter or half-page full-color ad in our Backstories section, and we'll send a writer and photographer out to interview you. Then, devoting the same size space as your ad, we'll publish a story about your business right next to it!

Why you should call:

  • 8 out of 10 area residents read the Villager in 2016
  • 81,000 readers purchase products or services from ads seen in the Villager
  • 5 days average shelf life - the Villager is read and reread
  • 59,000 Villager readers are woman
  • 62,000 Villager readers have annual household incomes over $75,000

Call 651-699-1462 to reserve your space!





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