Villager Production Specs

When setting ads, subtract .056” (p4) from the ad’s depth to allow for gutter space between ads. Do not subtract .056” from ads that are the full-page 15 inch depth. Ads over 13 inches will be set and billed at the full-page 15 inch depth.

  • 6-column tabloid format.
  • Printed area: 10-5⁄16 inches wide by 15 inches deep (10.3334” x 15” or 62 x 90 picas).
1 column 1.5835” 1-9⁄16” 9p6
2 column 3.3335” 3-5⁄16” 20p
3 column 5.0835” 5-1⁄16” 30p6
4 column 6.8334” 6-13⁄16” 41p
5 column 8.5834” 8-9⁄16” 51p6
6 column 10.3334” 10-5⁄16” 62p
12 column 21.5” 21-1⁄2” 129p


How To Provide An Electronic File

The Villager is published electronically on Macintosh computers. Our production artists import your electronic file directly into the newspaper. We prefer the following formats:

Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop INDD, PDF, or TIFF

Files from other software applications or computer platforms that create a high resolution PSD, TIFF or PDF file with embedded fonts and graphics also work. We cannot open MS Publisher files.

Points To Remember

Image resolution should be near 300 dots per inch (dpi). Many programs export 72 dpi files, which is not enough for print media.

PDF files. Please embed complete fonts (not subsets) and graphics. Please do not enable any password protection or security block when creating a pdf.

Illustrator files must include fonts unless font outlines have been created.

Convert all RGB color to CMYK. Grayscale should be black (K) only.

The Villager does not print spot colors. When a customer requests a specific Pantone color number, the printer simulates the color with CMYK while matching to the appropriate Pantone swatch.

Then Hit Send

If sending your ad via email, please use the email address of your display ad account executive:
Bob Stjern or Tim Carroll

There is no labor charge for ads composed by our production department for use in the Villager.







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