We may not know just yet who our president and vice president will be for the next four years, following a close election and as the dispute over the counting of ballots continues in several states. If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ultimately win that race, they will be among the few new faces local voters will see in the federal, state and local offices they collectively filled in the November 3 general election.

Incumbents ruled the day for the most part. Among the few new officeholders is former District 64A Representative Erin Murphy, who was elected state senator in Saint Paul’s District 64. Emma Greenman will serve as the new state representative in South Minneapolis’ District 63B. Stephanie Levine won a three-way race for mayor of Mendota Heights. Laurie Halverson was elected commissioner in Dakota County’s District 3. And Interim Saint Paul School Board member Jim Vue topped a field of six to fill out the 14 months remaining in the late Marny Xiong’s four-year term.

Following are the unofficial results of the general election in Minnesota as posted on the Secretary of State’s website as of November 5. An asterisk after a name indicates an incumbent:

U.S. President and Vice President — Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, 52.4%; Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence*, 45.3%.

U.S. Senator — Tina Smith*, 48.75%; Jason Lewis, 43.5%; Kevin O’Connor, 5.91%; Oliver Steinberg, 1.77%.

U.S. Representative, District 2 — Angie Craig*, 48.2%; Tyler Kistner, 45.9%; Adam Charles Weeks, 5.8%.

U.S. Representative, District 4 — Betty McCollum*, 63.2%; Gene Rechtzigel, 29%; Susan Sindt, 7.6%.

U.S. Representative, District 5 — Ilhan Omar*, 64.3%; Lacy Johnson, 25.8%; Michael Moore, 9.5%.

State Senator, District 52 — Matt Klein*, 60.6%; Tomas Settell, 39.3%.

State Senator, District 63 — Patricia Torres Ray*, 77.7%; Diane Napper, 15.7%; Chris Wright, 6.6%.

State Senator, District 64 — Erin Murphy, 78.7%; Sharon Anderson, 14.6%; Patricia Jirovec McArdell, 6.4%.

State Senator, District 65 — Sandy Pappas*, 81.5%; Paul Holmgren, 18.2%.

State Representative, District 52A — Rick Hansen*, 65.5%; Mariah de la Paz, 34.4%.

State Representative, District 52B — Ruth Richardson*, 55.5%; Cynthia Lonnquist, 44.5%.

State Representative, District 63A — Jim Davnie*, 82.3%; Penny Arcos, 10.5%; David Wiester, 7.1%.

State Representative, District 63B — Emma Greenman, 72.3%; Frank Pafko, 19.1%; Dennis Schuller, 7.8%.

State Representative, District 64A — Kaohly Her*, 85.7%; Sherry Schack, 14.2%.

State Representative, District 64B — Dave Pinto*, 80.4%; Georgia Dietz, 19.5%.

State Representative, District 65A— Rena Moran*, 83.2%; Amy Anderson, 16.6%.

State Representative, District 65B — Carlos Mariani*, 80%; Margaret Mary Stokely, 19.8%.

Mendota Heights Mayor — Stephanie Levine, 44.6%; Liz Petschel, 40.6%; Patrick Watson, 14.4%.

Dakota County Commissioner, District 3 — Laurie Halverson, 62.6%; Diane Anderson, 36.8%.

Saint Paul School Board Member — Jim Vue, 23.3%; Jamila Mame, 20.3%; James Farnsworth, 19.1%; Charlotte “Charlie” Castro, 15.2%; Omar Syed, 10.7%; Keith Hardy, 10.4%.

Minneapolis School Board Member at Large — Kim Ellison*, 61.3; Michael Dueñes, 38.1%.

Associate Justice, Minnesota Supreme Court — Paul Thissen*, 59.1%; Michelle MacDonald, 40.6%.

Dakota County District Court Judge — Joseph Carter*, 61.8%; Martin “Marty” Judge, 37.8%.

Ramsey County District Court Judge — Pat Diamond*, 66.5%; Ngozi Akubuike, 33%.

Minneapolis Ballot Question 1, Redistricting of Wards and Park Districts — Shall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended to allow ward and park district boundaries to be reestablished in a year ending in 1 and to allow the use of those new boundaries for elections in that same year; to allow ward and park district boundaries to be modified after the Legislature has been redistricted to establish city precinct boundaries; to provide that an election for a council member office required by Minnesota law in a year ending in 2 or 3 after a redistricting shall be for a single two-year term; and to clarify that a regular election means a regular general election? Yes, 75.4%; No, 24.6%.

Minneapolis Ballot Question 2, Special Municipal Elections — Shall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended to comply with Minnesota election law related to uniform dates for special municipal elections and to provide that a special election be held on a legal election day under Minnesota law that is more than 90 days from a vacancy in the office of mayor or council member? Yes, 87%; No, 13%.


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