Cleveland and Marshall
These two homes on the northwest corner of Marshall and Cleveland avenues could be replaced with a planned five-story apartment building if a rezoning is approved by the Saint Paul City Council.

A proposal to rezone 2069 Marshall Ave. from Traditional Neighborhoods 2 to TN3 to make way for a five-story apartment building on the northwest corner of Cleveland and Marshall avenues won approval on January 22 from the Saint Paul Planning Commission. The rezoning now goes to the City Council for another public hearing and final vote on March 3.

The Union Park District Council (UPDC) land-use committee and several neighbors on January 25 said they still want to see site plans and other documents. Concerns include the amount of “winter shadow” a five-story building will cast over single-family homes on Iglehart Avenue.

The UPDC had asked the Planning Commission to lay the issue over. Twenty-eight letters in opposition to the zoning change were sent to the Planning Commission, but it opted to send the matter to the City Council.

Developers Robert Page and David Kvasnik want to tear down houses at 2063 and 2069 Marshall to make way for a 48-unit apartment building with a small first-floor retail space. They have described the project as “workforce housing.” Neighbors have pushed back, saying the plans are still vague.

A zoning change would allow a taller building on the site. The corner house at 2063 Marshall was zoned in 2018 to TN3, which allows a height of up to 55 feet. The house next to it is zoned TN2. The developers hope to tear down the existing houses this summer and complete the new building by July 2022.

— Jane McClure


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