A new home can be built at 300 Ryan Ave. in Irvine Park with a 4-1 vote of approval on February 22 from the Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC). The plans were submitted by Tony O’Malley of Sharkey Design Build.

The house will be built on one of the few developable sites in the Irvine Park Historic District. The district’s designation requires HPC approval of construction plans. A house on the property received a demolition permit from the HPC in 2018. The property has been subdivided since then.

Plans for the new two-story house drew objections from some neighbors who were critical of its design, size and setbacks. Neighbors made several suggestions to change the foundation, the height and the roofline. However, the project did not require any variances.

HPC commissioners also debated the house’s design, with some saying it was overly detailed. The project went through an initial design review in late 2020 and some changes were subsequently made.

HPC staff recommended approval of the plans submitted. The commission’s decision is final unless it is appealed to the City Council within 10 days.

— Jane McClure


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