The Saint Paul Planning Commission unanimously approved a request on March 5 to rezone 1164 W. Seventh St. from townhouse residential to multifamily residential as part of plans to construct a new apartment building on the site.

The final decision is in the hands of the City Council. If the zoning is changed, a brick dwelling on the property will be torn down and replaced with a multifamily building with 10-14 market-rate, one-bedroom apartments. A concept plan showed nine off-street parking spots. Detailed building plans were not available.

The residence on the irregularly shaped lot has served as sober housing for up to 11 people. It is owned by a California-based trust.

Local developer Tom Distad is leading the project to construct the new apartment building. At neighborhood meetings, he has represented the project as helping address a need for multifamily rental housing that fits into the existing neighborhood.

— Jane McClure


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