The November 2 election will have 10 new polling places, including several in local neighborhoods. The Saint Paul City Council approved the changes on August 4 at the request of David Triplett, Ramsey County’s election manager. Voters in the affected precincts will be contacted to let them know of the changes.

In Ward 2, Precinct 2-11 will move from Kellogg Square to Landmark Center, which was also used in 2020 due to COVID-19. Kellogg Square is unable to serve as a polling place due to remodeling.

In Ward 3, Precinct 3-5 will move from Graham Place Apartments to Jie Ming Academy, 1845 Sheridan Ave. Jie Ming was also used as an alternate polling place in 2020 and will now be the permanent location. Precinct 3-11 will move from Wellington Place to Highland Senior High School. Also moving to the senior high from Expo School is Precinct 3-14.

In Ward 4, Precinct 4-10 will move from the Saint Paul Council of Churches/Interfaith Action to Ramsey Middle School. The former location is up for sale.

— Jane McClure


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