A seven-story, mixed-use building under construction at 337 W. Seventh St. can have a larger sign than ordinarily allowed as the result of a variance granted on November 1 by the Saint Paul Board of Zoning Appeals.

Ackerberg Group sought the variance for the $40 million Alvera, which is one of the first buildings in the city to be built with modular units stacked together. The building is expected to have 192 apartments, 1,400 square feet of retail space and 110 structured parking stalls. The project was granted a zoning change, conditional use permit and variances last year by the city.

The developer is proposing to install a projecting sign on the southeastern face of the building. The zoning code allows a maximum size of 16 square feet, while 48 square feet are proposed. The illuminated sign will be designed so the light does not spill over to adjacent properties.

Two neighbors sent letters opposing the sign variance. The West Seventh/Fort Road Federation took no position on the request.

— Jane McClure


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