The owners of a building at 1630 University Ave. received a 90-day reprieve from added city fees from the Saint Paul City Council on October 27. Still, city officials are urging Ridgecrest Saint Paul LLC to find a new occupant or owner for the former dental office by December 11.

The building has been declared vacant since 2016. The current owners had paid the annual vacant building fee in the past but missed the last deadline, which triggered revocation of the building’s certificate of occupancy

At a legislative hearing this fall, Trent Mayberry of Ridgecrest said the building was purchased in 2019 for redevelopment along with the former Pawn America to the west. The former pawn shop was replaced with a Bank of America. The owners are trying to lease out or sell 1630 University.

Mayberry said a number of prospective occupants have toured the building over the past 12 months, but are hesitant to commit in part due to the civil unrest of 2020. The property also has some environmental contamination that needs remediation.


— Jane McClure


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