The vote on a proposed 89-unit apartment building on a vacant two-acre parcel at the southeast corner of Dodd Road and Highway 62 was postponed by the Mendota Heights City Council on November 16 at the request of the would-be developer.
Leanna Stefaniak of At Home Apartments said that local resistance to the project and to the recently approved 58-unit apartment building within the same planned unit development (PUD) is reason enough to delay the project until the developer, city officials and the public can reach a solution on a litany of issues raised by citizens. 
mendota plaza
An artist's rendering of At Home Apartments' plan for an 89-unit building on the south side of Mendota Plaza at Highway 62 and Dodd Road in Mendota Heights.
The City Council agreed, tabling discussion of At Home Apartments’ development until January 4. In the meantime, the council will work with a new ad hoc committee to resolve concerns about traffic congestion, green space, aesthetics and other aspects of the Mendota Plaza developments.
The Mendota Heights Planning Commission had voted 6-1 in October to recommend the denial of At Home’s application for the 89-unit building on the south side of Mendota Plaza. The commission had also recommended denial of At Home’s application for the 58-unit building at the plaza’s northeast corner, but the City Council voted 3-2 to approve it.
According to Stefaniak, At Homes’ developments at Mendota Plaza will provide much-needed housing in Mendota Heights. The city lacks the kind of homes that up-and-coming professionals desire, she said. “Our young professionals who want to stay in this community don’t really have an answer. We’re hoping to give that answer,” Stefaniak said.
Per Minnesota statute, the City Council has until February 23 to approve the project.

— Casey Ek


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