Public access to the Mississippi River will be provided through part of Waterford Bay, 280 Randolph Ave., with the acceptance of deeds and authorization of an easement on December 15 by the Saint Paul City Council. 

Waterford Bay is a 242-unit apartment building on the site of the former 1920s-era Island Station power plant that was torn down in 2014. Various developers looked at converting the power plant for housing over the past two decades before it was demolished. The plat for the current development won City Council approval in 2020 on the condition that parkland be dedicated at the site.

The developers offered to construct a parking lot on land it is acquiring adjacent to the site. An easement is needed to provide access to the future lot.

Three outlots on the property are being dedicated as parkland. The developers are also working with Xcel Energy on a property purchase for the parking lot. Those properties will provide parkland along the river, including access for canoes and kayaks, and connections to the nearby Samuel Morgan Trail.

— Jane McClure


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