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The Saint Paul School Board on December 14 adopted a levy of $202.8 million for 2022. That is up from $196.6 million in 2021—a $6.2 million or 3.15 percent increase. There was little comment from taxpayers on the increase. Nobody attended the board’s required truth-in-taxation hearing on December 7.

The school district is limited to how much it can levy according to calculations provided by the Minnesota Department of Education. About 22 percent of the school district’s annual budget is funded by local property taxes. The rest comes from state, federal and other local sources.

Unlike the city of Saint Paul and Ramsey County, the School Board does not approve a new budget in December. The school district’s budget year begins on July 1.

The district’s levy is split into four categories, two of which are seeing decreases and the other two increases in 2022.

The school district’s operating levy will increase almost $5.6 million—from $74.6 million in 2021 to $80.2 million in 2022. The levy for pensions, benefits and contracts will increase just over $1 million—from $43.2 million to $44.2 million. The facilities levy will decrease from $74.6 million to $74.3 million. The community services levy, which funds community education and early childhood family education among other programs, will decrease from $4.21 million to $4.07 million.

— Jane McClure


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