Our continued expansion of news coverage in print and on the web will ultimately depend on your support.

Optimism may seem out of place in the midst of a pandemic, but hey, it’s 2022 and the new year brings a new resolve to make it better than the last. The year 2021 was a good one for MyVillager. Though our bottom line was nothing to brag about, we made great strides in laying a foundation for the future, and that is largely thanks to the support of our readers.

It has been almost two years since we began soliciting donations to shore up our revenue in the face of the COVID-19 lockdown and a drop in display advertising. Those donations became subscriptions and the subscriptions became memberships as we shifted our business model from a newspaper almost solely supported by advertising to a newspaper and website that rely more and more on the financial support of readers.
That shift is one of the reasons we changed our name from Villager to MyVillager in 2021—to better reflect our more personal relationship with readers. At this writing, we have close to 2,700 members—a small legion of local residents and business people who appreciate a reliable source of local news.
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The neighborhoods served by MyVillager.

Of course, that is just a fraction of the readers we have out there. We are hoping that in the new year, more and more of you will come to view a membership in MyVillager as an investment in your neighborhood. Neighbors who are better informed have more control over current affairs and more involvement in the decisions that affect their lives.

These days the news can be pretty grim. The all too frequent carjackings, purse snatchings and other crimes can be unsettling, especially when they happen so close to home. MyVillager is resolved in the new year to bring you more of the news that affects you the most, in our every-other-week newspaper and on our website.

In case you have not noticed, we are now posting stories regularly to our website, not just on the newspaper’s fortnightly publication date. We have begun updating our neighborhood crime reports three times each week. And we continue to augment our news and feature stories with videos, daily Facebook posts and an electronic newsletter delivered to members and others who have registered their e-mail addresses with us.

The greatest strength of MyVillager continues to reside in our team of freelance writers, photographers and illustrators, many of whom live in the area and have been with us for years. If you have a news tip or know of something or someone that would make a good story, please contact our editors John Wadell or Dale Mischke at 651-699-1462 or news@myvillager.com.

A lot has changed in the 46 years MyVillager has been under the management of former editor, executive editor, publisher and now 30-year owner Michael Mischke. Many of those changes involved the technology of publishing as typesetting machines, hot wax and layout boards gave way to desktop computers. What has not changed is the neighborhoods’ need for local news and boots-on-the-ground reporters and a local publisher to deliver it.

As we embark on a new year, please consider signing up as a member of MyVillager. The continued expansion of our coverage, both in print and on the web, depends on your support. For more information on MyVillager memberships, click on the red “JOIN” button on our homepage. And thank you for reading MyVillager.

— Dale Mischke, co-editor of MyVillager


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