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The mania of some motorists

Where oh where is Q?

I want a James Bond car tricked out with 20-inch drill bits that at the touch of a button emerge from the rear of my car, boring holes straight through the engine compartment of the tailgater behind me.

On rare occasion, one can understand the need to go faster because of a true emergency. But for most of you, it has become ingrained behavior—speeding, running red lights, hopscotching lanes, gliding through stop signs, blaring the horn the millisecond the light changes to green.

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Your commute is not some testosterone-fueled competition. You are responsible for respectfully controlling a heavy, gasoline-powered machine that helps you get somewhere faster than walking or riding a horse. Your inflated opinion of your needs astounds. The lesson not learned at your parent’s knee is that in the scheme of the universe, you are just not that important. So do the right thing.

Mary Therese Nelson
Highland Park

Think globally, ignore locally

A record number of murders in 2021. Carjacking and general lawlessness at all-time highs. University Avenue still hasn’t been built back after the Floyd riots. Restaurants haven’t recovered from COVID shutdowns. Rental property construction is at a standstill. And the Saint Paul City Council votes to declare a climate change emergency.

So glad the City Council has time to take on the important issues.

Gary Fischbach
Mendota Heights

Support Minnesota Health Plan

We have a severely broken health care system. In the early 1980s, I fought Group Health regarding surgery for my child. I was told they would not refer him out of their system because their surgeons would do it. None of them had ever done this kind of surgery. I found a specialist at the University of Minnesota who had done thousands. Two and half years of court battles and appeals (which I made without an attorney due to money), they eventually agreed to reverse their decision and allow the surgery to happen with the surgeon who had much experience.

More recently, after having a bilateral mastectomy, I discover my insurance does not cover compression garments. Who wears these if they are not medically necessary? Now I need to see a doctor regarding tinnitus. That is not covered either. All of the above while insurance companies are making record profits.

This should never happen in our country. We need to support state Senator John Marty’s bill, the Minnesota Health Plan. Please let your state senator and representative know that you appreciate them supporting this important legislation.

Linda Hartmann
Merriam Park

A mob is a mob

Rabid Trump supporters watching a summer of civil disobedience, including burned-down police stations, commercial streets looted and set aflame, interstate highways blocked, and no viable legal response, thought: “Hey, if they weren’t arrested or called to account, then we should be able to get away with a bit of Tea Party-type government shaking.”

The irony is that the Trumpeteers on January 6, 2021, probably spent somewhere between $1,500 and $5,000 in fuel, lodging and wafflehouse breakfasts and half of their vacation time getting to Washington, D.C. These were not the sans-culottes nor the Hay Market hungry. The only thing they stole was our national dignity. It’s like they arrested themselves and did as much damage to the Republican Party as rioting urbanites do to their own neighborhoods and reputations.

A mob is a mob and equally ugly, whether at the gates of the Bastille or the base of the hanging tree.

Tom Dunne 
Downtown Saint Paul

Don’t bet on a tax cut

Would it be cool if we who paid more Minnesota taxes than needed got some of the dough back? Of course, that’s a childish thought. The excess money won’t be excess for long. Politicians are parasites, after all. The best we can hope for—and don’t bet a cent on it—is a rate cut.

T.J. Sexton
Highland Park

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