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The Saint Paul City Council decided on March 2 that Billy’s on Grand, 857 Grand Ave., must pay a $500 fine and adhere to additional license conditions following a city and police review of numerous “quality of life” calls related to the business, including disturbances, fights and assaults.

The adverse action followed a February 1 notice of violation. After a review of the calls, police requested exterior and interior surveillance videos on the dates the incidents were reported. They observed several city code violations, including a couple who were engaged in a sexual act, a large altercation inside the bar and a patron leaving the premises with an alcoholic beverage.

Billy’s now has eight conditions attached to its licenses. The new conditions call for security personnel to be clearly identifiable and to conduct daily sweeps of the parking lot and exterior at least twice an hour from 10 p.m. until closing. Security must stay until all patrons have left the property and all customers must be gone within 15 minutes of closing time. No alcoholic beverages are to leave the premises. When Billy’s is open past 11 p.m., no patrons will be admitted 30 minutes prior to closing. Last call will also be 30 minutes prior to closing. 

Existing conditions remain, including requirements on checking patron identification, adhering to occupancy limits, providing video surveillance and having a lighting placement plan. 

The added license conditions will carry over to any prospective new owner, said Ward 2 City Council member Rebecca Noecker. DWD Group LLC was seeking to have the business licenses transferred. That process was put on hold due to the latest violations. It will start again for any new party who operates under the previous owner’s licenses.

Billy’s on Grand is now looking at its fourth owner-operator in two years. DWD Group and neighbors have been at odds over several issues, including the continuance of a 2 a.m. closing time.

— Jane McClure


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