The Saint Paul City Council voted last month to accept a $136,167 Minnesota Historical Society Legacy Grant. The money will be used for restoration of the Cochran Park sculpture and ceramic tile pool on Summit and Western avenues.

The state grant will be matched with $25,000 from the Ramsey Hill Association. The group began raising funds last year for improvements to the park. The centerpiece of the park’s fountain is noted Saint Paul artist Paul Manship’s 1926 sculpture “Indian Hunter and His Dog.” The sculpture is surrounded by four bronze geese.

The grant was recommended for approval earlier this year by the city’s Capital Improvement Budget Committee. Committee members asked that the improvements include some security measures. One of the geese was stolen from the park last December. It was recovered the following day when someone brought it to a metal recycling center.

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The Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation will provide construction management services for the project.

— Jane McClure

cochran park
Kristin Cherons used a torch and ladder before applying wax during a 2003 restoration of Paul Manship’s “Indian Hunter and His Dog” sculpture in Cochran Park. Photo by Brad Stauffer


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