RAS Ethiopian Restaurant & Lounge, 2516 W. Seventh St., was ordered by the Saint Paul City Council on March 8 to pay a $1,000 fine as a result of its second license violation in the past two years regarding the use of an unapproved part of its parking lot. The business did not contest the fine.

The city’s Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI) recommended the penalty. RAS has had license conditions tied to its site plan since 2013 that call for maintenance of its parking lot. There is property behind the building that is not covered by the conditions, and that restaurant patrons and staff are not supposed to use. The area is to be barricaded with chains and concrete.

In April 2021, RAS paid a $500 fine due to a 2020 violation of license conditions related to that property’s use. A stiffer penalty was imposed this time because a similar violation was found. In September 2021, a DSI inspector found 10 vehicles parked in the unapproved area. No chains or concrete were present to prohibit parking. 

— Jane McClure


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