Saint Paul is receiving $11,850 from WM (formerly Waste Management) in damages to settle complaints involving the company’s participation in the city’s residential organized trash collection program. The City Council accepted the money on May 4 after hearing from Susan Young, the city’s director of solid waste and recycling.

Residents have complained about WM’s customer service. That prompted city staff to look into the complaints and seek sanctions under the contract with the garbage haulers consortium. “We hold folks accountable,” Young said.

According to Young, Public Works will use the settlement to provide “enhanced notice” to residents about the collection of bulky items and waste reduction.

The organized collection program allows residents to have a set number of bulky items picked up each year. Bulky items are either too large or prohibited by law to be placed in a trash cart. They include such items as furniture, appliances, electronics and mattresses.

Residents with small carts can put out two bulky items per year, while those with medium and large carts can put out three a year. Residents must notify garbage haulers in advance when they put bulky items out with their trash.

— Jane McClure


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