Freedom and gun control

I have tried to have faith that all our kids will be OK in this country. But it’s hard when the people who are responsible for making laws say things like, “You can’t legislate evil,” “It’s just one deranged person,” “We have to deal with mental illness,” and “We have a right to own a rapid-fire weapon.”

What about the right for our children to go to school and learn without the anxiety of lockdown drills? Is it freedom to have armed guards and body armor, armed teachers, special doors and locks and metal detectors in school? That doesn’t sound like any free place I know.

I heard a Texas senator say this shooter had problems, and no laws will change that. That sounds like a cop-out to me.

Andrea Freidberg
Highland Park

Leave the locks and dams alone

Regarding the possible removal of the locks and dams on the Twin Cities stretch of the Mississippi River (MyVillager, May 11): After study and more arguments pro and con, I say leave them alone.

The Upper Saint Anthony Falls lock, as has been pointed out in MyVillager, is holding back invasive carp from further incursion upstream. The Lower Saint Anthony Falls Lock and Dam is apparently of use to those who do water sports. And Lock and Dam No. 1 formerly served the hydroelectric power needs of Ford Motor Company’s assembly plant. Surely, it would be wise to continue using the turbines there to provide renewable power for the thousands of dwellings being crammed onto the former Ford property.

Let’s not mess with changes that aren’t needed and could do a world of hurt.

Kathleen Deming

Stop the thievery

Let’s have the Legislature pass a law: Catalytic converters may not be scrapped out in Minnesota unless they are attached to a junked vehicle. That’s not too hard to figure out, is it?

Steve Horak
West End

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