With the August 9 primary election less than eight weeks away, political campaigns in Minnesota have begun in earnest. Voters will be choosing among candidates for governor and lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state auditor, attorney general, U.S. representative, state senator and state representative. Elections will also be held for federal, state and district court judges, county commissioners, county attorney and sheriff.

Unlike the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, neither Minnesota nor Ramsey County has ranked-choice voting, so the primary election is being held. However, the primary will only matter in partisan races in which more than one candidate from a particular political party is running and in nonpartisan races in which more than two candidates are running.

The new Minnesota House and Senate districts in the areas served by MyVillager.

The general election will be held on November 8. Following are the candidates who will appear on ballots in the neighborhoods served by MyVillager. The judicial candidates on those ballots have been omitted since they are all running unopposed.


Governor and Lieutenant Governor: DFL incumbents Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan’s bid for a second term is being challenged by fellow DFLers Ole Savior and Julia M. Parker; Scott Jensen and Matt Birk, Republican; Joyce Lynne Lacey and Kent Edwards, Republican; Bob “Again” Carney Jr. and Captain Jack Sparrow, Republican; Hugh McTavish and Mike Winter, Independence-Alliance; Gabrielle M. Prosser and Kevin A. Dwire, Socialist Workers; Steve Patterson and Matt Huff, Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis; Darrell Paulsen and Ed Engelmann, Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis; James McCaskel and David Sandbeck, Legal Marijuana Now; and Chris Wright and L.C. Lawrence Converse, Legal Marijuana Now.


Secretary of State: DFL incumbent Steve Simon’s bid for reelection is being challenged by fellow DFLer Steve Carlson; Kim Crockett, Republican; and Erik van Mechelen, Republican.

State Auditor: DFL incumbent Julie Blaha is being challenged by Ryan Wilson, Republican; Will Finn, Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis; and Tim Davis, Legal Marijuana Now.

Attorney General: DFL incumbent Keith Ellison is being challenged by fellow DFLer Bill Dahn; Jim Schultz, Republican; Doug Wardlow, Republican; and Sharon Anderson, Republican.


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Fourth District: DFL incumbent Betty McCollum’s bid for reelection is being challenged by fellow DFLers Fasil Moghul and Amane Badhasso; May Lor Xiong, Republican; Jerry Silver, Republican; and Gene Rechtzigel, Republican.

Second District: DFL incumbent Angie Craig’s bid for reelection is being challenged by Tyler Kistner, Republican; and Paula M. Overby, Legal Marijuana Now.


District 52: DFL Senator Jim Carlson of old District 51 is running for the seat in District 52 against Republican Stephen Lowell.

District 64: DFL incumbent Erin Murphy is being challenged by Republican Robert Bushard.

District 65: DFL incumbent Sandy Pappas is being challenged by fellow DFLers Zuki Ellis and Sheigh Freeberg; and Paul Holmgren, Republican.


District 52B: DFL incumbent Ruth Richardson is being challenged by Cynthia Lonn­quist, Republican.

District 64A: DFL incumbent Kaohly Vang Her is being challenged by Dan Walsh, Republican.

District 64B: DFL incumbent Dave Pinto is being challenged by Lorraine Englund, Republican.

District 65A: With incumbent Rena Moran running for Ramsey County commissioner, the seat is open. Running for the House in 65A are John Schonebaum, Republican; Samakab Hussein, DFL; and Miki Frost, Legal Marijuana Now.

District 65B: Incumbent Carlos Mariani is stepping down. Running for the House in 65B are Maria Isa Pérez-Hedges, DFL; Anna Botz, DFL; and Kevin Fjelsted, Republican.


Commissioner, District 3: Incumbent Trista MatasCastillo is being challenged by David A. Singleton.

Commissioner District 4: Incumbent Toni Carter is stepping down. Running for the seat are Barbara Bolar, George H. Jackson Sr., Rena Moran and Darryl Spence.

Commissioner District 5: Incumbent Rafael E. Ortega is being challenged by Charles S. Barklind and Bill Hosko.

Sheriff: Incumbent Bob Fletcher is running unopposed.

County Attorney: Incumbent John Choi is running unopposed.

— Dale Mischke

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