The changing housing market around the University of Saint Thomas is the focus of a new study that has been commissioned by the West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Committee. WSNAC voted on August 9 to earmark $20,000 to $30,000 for the study to compensate Saint Thomas student researchers during the 2

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  1. Josh Capistrant

    The author here probably knows better than I do what was said during the meeting. Back in 2012 (things have changed in the market) the moratorium (before the overlay) stopped at Fairview, leaving my block unregulated. Between predatory student landlords and properties grandfathered in, properties got bought up and converted. To me, there’s an argument here for some land use regulation that strives to keep a block mixed and diverse. Currently, there’s 12 units of rental contiguous to my property. Most house UST student population. I’m interested in knowing them and interacting, often they are not. They are the kind of rental tenant that is isn’t mature or aware and rotates out every year or so. It’s conjecture that the quality of life stuff keeps my property values lower than neighbors on the ‘nicer’ end of the block. I could sell, but I’m here now closing in on 20 years, and investing in our home. (I’m a former UPDC and WSNAC board member)

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