The Saint Paul City Council restored the industrial use of two West End properties when it approved rezoning 533 and 567 Randolph Ave. from traditional neighborhoods two (TN2) to industrial-transitional (IT) on August 17.

Earlier this year, the council also rezoned 540 Randolph from TN2 to light industrial. That property was replatted and attached to 560 Randolph by 560 Randolph LLC to continue existing industrial uses there and not have split zoning on the combined lot.

The 533 and 567 Randolph properties are owned by the Fulford Family Partnership. The owners want to relocate and consolidate a towing business and the Euro Weks auto dealership on the site. They plan to use an existing building for auto sales, which is allowed in an IT district. A towing business is also allowed in an IT district, subject to screening requirements for vehicles.

Senior city planner Anton Jerve recommended both sets of zoning changes, saying they are consistent with future land uses in the city’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan. That area of Randolph is designated for a mix of uses. The plan states: “The main distinguishing characteristic is a balance of jobs and housing within walking distance of one another.”

The changes buck a citywide trend over the past few decades when more and more industrial property was rezoned for housing or mixed uses. Jerve noted that the proximity of 533 and 567 Randolph to railroad tracks could be a barrier to mixed-use development.

No one from the neighborhood commented on either set of zoning changes, and the West Seventh/Fort Road Federation did not take a position on the requests.

— Jane McClure


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