Shrinking of the American dream

The homes in the Highland and Macalester-Groveland neighborhoods reflect the times in which they were built. Examples include the razed farmhouse at Snelling and Lincoln avenues (now the parking lot of Sherman-Williams), which was probably the original house in the area at a time when people didn’t require 20,000 square feet in which to dwell.

Then came the 1920s-30s stucco bungalows and the beautifully crafted brick apartment buildings such as those one sees around Saint Catherine University. We have the GI housing of the 1940s-’50s, such as the duplexes along Ford Parkway, and the 1960s ranch-style houses on Upper and Lower Saint Dennis.

After that, things started spreading to the suburbs and what was built became bigger and bigger. Then, with gasoline prices rising, people stayed in town or moved back and started adding on to the 1920s houses they bought.

Now we are going through an early 21st-century period I call the “chuglies” (for cheap-uglies)—apartment buildings that are jamming every possible occupant into the smallest possible space. They are mostly built in unimaginative cookie-cutter styles of the cheapest possible materials. Style and grace have nothing to do with these buildings, which one can hope don’t last more than two generations.

We could have housed 160 single-resident-occupancy people in our 1980s multimillion-dollar, multiple-award-winning jail downtown. But, oh, Ramsey County tore it down about six years ago.

Shame on them!

Kathleen Deming


house ad


The winds of politics

Gary Hukriede bemoans the Democrat Party having changed from the party of JFK (MyVillager Inbox, September 14). Today, he says, the party is “driven by socialists and communists.”

Though I vote Democrat, I am nostalgic for George W. Bush. He wouldn’t declare a fair election to be invalid because he lost. He didn’t dream of joining the ranks of dictators who are in power indefinitely.

Jane Thomson

 Single-issue advertising

Minnesota Democrats are a one-trick pony—abortion attack ads. They are betting it all that these ads will carry the day for them. And as pitiful as that is, they likely will be proved right.

Highland Park

Maczko has my support

I support the candidacy of John Maczko for mayor of Mendota Heights. It has become abundantly clear that new, competent, and experienced leadership is necessary if the city is to continue to be one of the most desirable metropolitan suburbs in which to live and raise a family.

John grew up, attended public school, and raised his family in Mendota Heights. He served as fire chief in its volunteer fire department for over 30 years. Now retired, he was employed by the city of Saint Paul in its engineering department, where he held many key positions, including city traffic engineer and city engineer. John’s experience in these important and fundamental city roles makes him thoroughly and uniquely qualified to serve as the mayor of Mendota Heights. I ask residents to cast their vote for him.

For the two open City Council seats, I urge you to vote for Sally Lorberbaum and Jeff Nath. Sally and Jeff are highly qualified to serve as council members and will be best able to work with John Maczko to provide the leadership the citizens of Mendota Heights deserve.

Michael Ziskin
Mendota Heights

Walz’s record on tax rebate

In the letter, “Vote for prosperity in November” (MyVillager Inbox, October 12), the writer gives her reasons for voting for Republican candidates. However, at least one of her points is factually incorrect. The writer says that “Governor Walz continues to hoard Minnesota’s
budget surplus by refusing…to give taxpayers a rebate
check.” However, a story in the July 28 Saint Paul Pioneer Press was headlined, “Tim Walz repeats call for special session to approve tax rebate. Republicans repeat opposition.”

Carol Tauer
Highland Park

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