Along with residential trash collection, the Saint Paul City Council held hearings on November 2 on several city fee increases that homeowners could see next year. The council is poised to adopt the changes on December 7 as part of the 2023 city budget approval process.

While much attention has been focused on Saint Paul’s proposed 15.34 percent property tax increase, rising fees and charges also impact what property owners pay for city services.

City budget manager Tara Barenok outlined the impact that fees, charges and the property tax increase would have on a typical Saint Paul home. The median home value in Saint Paul will be $261,800 in 2023, which is a 14 percent increase from this year. Owners of such homes will see a $231 increase in their property taxes (from $1,017 to $1,248) if the proposed property tax levy remains as is.

Part of the proposed increase includes moving street maintenance service charges back onto property taxes.

The sanitary sewer base fee will remain at $3 per month next year, but the volume charge will increase from $4.79 to $4.89 per cubic foot. For the typical home, the sanitary sewer bill will increase from $323.40 to $333.60.

The storm sewer charge for single-family homes and duplexes will increase by 3.5 percent next year, from $108.60 to $112.40. Metropolitan Council environmental charges will bring the total residential sewer charge increase to $14.

The city’s recycling charge will increase by 15 percent, from $60 to $69 for single-family homes and from $38 to $44 for multifamily residential.

Water charges for the average home are expected to increase from $333 to $381 in 2023. The Water Board held its public hearing on rate increases this fall and approved a series of changes based on usage and meter size, as well as other factors.

— Jane McClure


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