New DFL majorities in House and Senate may open way to much legislation

The red wave of 2022 ran up against a blue tsunami in Minnesota on November 8 as DFL incumbents turned back challenge after challenge from their Republican opponents. In a year when incumbents were expected to be vulnerable because of a downturn in the economy, budget-busting inflation and a rising crime rate, the DFL held onto the offices of Governor, Secretary of State, State Auditor and Attorney General. The party kept its majority in the state House of Representatives and captured the majority in the state Senate.

The next biennium will be the first time in 10 years that a single political party has held the governor’s office and the majority in both houses of the Minnesota Legislature.

“The alignment…presents a tremendous opportunity to advance a legislative agenda that lifts up families and allows every person in the state the chance to thrive,” said Representative Dave Pinto, who on November 8 won his fifth term in District 64B (Highland Park and Macalester-Groveland).

With Republicans in control of the state Senate in recent years, House DFLers have been unable to advance legislation expanding criminal background checks for gun sales, increasing funding for law enforcement and community violence prevention, and greater accountability in the criminal justice system, Pinto said. “I expect all of these to have much stronger support this coming session,” he said. “I also expect to see significant funding increases for public education and strong support for quality child care and early learning.”

Pinto said he also expects the Legislature to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by adults through a public health framework similar to that already passed by the DFL-controlled House.

Erin Murphy, a former member of the Minnesota House, won her second term in the state Senate in District 64 in the southwest quarter of Saint Paul. She was jubilant after the election. “I chaired the (DFL’s) Senate Caucus Campaign in 2022,” Murphy said. “We won a pro-choice majority, which many believed impossible.”

Murphy said Minnesotans can expect to see the Legislature in the coming biennium “advance reproductive freedom and address worker shortages and workplace safety and the urgent issue of climate change. We’ll structurally balance the budget and invest in our communities and families to make life a little easier.”

Included below are the results of the November 8 general election in all of the statewide races and in the congressional, legislative, county and municipal races in the area served by MyVillager. Only those races in which there were more candidates than positions available are included:

District 64B Representative Dave Pinto
District 64 Senator Erin Murphy

Governor-Lieutenant Governor

Walz-Flanagan          1,312,303          52.3%
Jensen-Birk                     1,119,926       44.6%
McCaskel-Sandbeck       29,436          1.2%
Patterson-Huff                   22,605         0.9%
McTavish-Winter             18,160           0.7%
Prosser-Dwire                     7,240            0.3%

Secretary of State

Steve Simon                   1,345,684     54.5%
Kim Crockett                 1,119,960       45.4%

State Auditor

Julia Blaha                       1,168,177       47.5%
Ryan Wilson                   1,159,742       47.1%
Tim Davis                            87,388         3.6%
Will Finn                              44,270          1.8%

Attorney General

Keith Ellison                  1,254,372      50.4%
Jim Schultz                     1,233,573      49.5%

U.S. Representative – District 4

Betty McCollum             200,052      67.6%
May Lor Xiong                    95,493      32.3%

U.S. Representative – District 2

Angie Craig                       165,581            50.9%
Tyler Kistner                    148,578           45.7%
Paula M. Overby              1 0,730             3.3%

State Senator – District 53

Matt Klein                           21,501         58.2%
Chris Rausch                      15,374         41.6%

State Senator – District 64

Erin Murphy                     36,686       84.2%
Robert Bushard                  6,823         15.7%

State Senator – District 65

Sandy Pappas                   20,228        80.1%
Paul Holm­gren                   4,960         19.7%

State Senator – District 66

Clare O. Verbeten           23,987        78.4%
Mikki M. Murray               5,522         18%
Jeremy J. Peichel                 1,061           3.5%

State Representative – District 53A

Mary F. Clardy                 10,777         54.5%
Todd Kruse                          8,188         41.4%
Brent Jacobson                      785               4%

State Representative – District 52B

Ruth Richardson            13,934         61.7%
Cynthia Lonnquist         8,636         38.2%

State Representative – District 64A

Kaohly Vang Her          18,080           85.1%
Dan Walsh                        3,128             14.7%

State Representative – District 64B

Dave Pinto                        18,126           82.6%
Lorraine Englund            3,790           17.3%

State Representative – District 65A

Samakab Hussein             7,018          71.2%
John Schonebaum            1,522           15.4%
Miki Frost                             1,302          13.2%

State Representative – District 65B

Maria Pérez-Hedges      11,955          78.5%
Kevin Fjelsted                    3,247          21.3%

State Representative – District 66A

Leigh Finke                       15,635           81.1%
Trace Johnson                   3,569           18.5%

State Representative – District 66B

Athena Hollins                 8,640          78.4%
Jay Hill                                  2,364           21.5%

Ramsey Cty. Commissioner – District 3

Trista MatasCastillo     14,852          74.8%
David A. Singleton           4,812          24.2%                  

Ramsey Cty. Commissioner – District 4

Rena Moran                        19,015          81.3%
Darryl Spence                      4,177           17.9%

Ramsey Cty. Commissioner – District 5

Rafael E. Ortega                18,497       70.8%
Bill Hosko                              7,455        28.5%

Dakota Cty. Commissioner-District 3

Laurie Halverson            16,905         74.7%
Janine Hudson                   5,547         24.5%

Dakota Cty. Attorney

Kathy Keena                     84,520        51.5%
Matt Little                         78,847        48.1%

Judge, 1st District Court 11

Charles F. Webber         140,591       55%
Matthew R. Hanson      114,212        44.7%

Lilydale Mayor

John E. Diehl                            415         75.3%
Steve Grego                               133         24.1%

Mendota Heights Mayor

Stephanie Levine             4,343           59.1%
John P. Maczko                  2,998         40.8%

Mendota Hts. City Council (top two elected)

Sally M. Lorberbaum       4,553         41.1%
John R. Mazzitello             4,281         38.6%
Jeff Nath                                 2,167          19.6%

— Dale Mischke


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