A parking ban on the even-numbered sides of Saint Paul residential streets will be in effect  starting at 8 a.m. Friday, March 10, and running through April 15. The ban was announced on March 8, prior to yet another anticipated snowstorm.

Parking will not be allowed on the south and east sides of residential streets. Vehicles found to be in violation will be ticketed and towed. The ban could be removed sooner if weather conditions permit. 

Normal parking rules will be in effect on both sides of main, arterial streets. If a snow emergency is called the parking ban will be suspended until streets are plowed. A map of where parking is banned can be found at stpaul.gov/1sideparking.

First ban in four years

Saint Paul has not declared a one-sided parking ban since March 2019. The city’s first-ever such ban was in 2014.

Mayor Melvin Carter, city Public Works director Sean Kershaw and Fire Chief Butch Inks announced the one-sided parking ban at a news conference at Fire Station No. 1.

“The safety of our residents, workers, and visitors is our top priority in Saint Paul,” Carter said. “This action will help ensure our emergency services and Public Works can keep our streets safe and passable.”

Dealing with “historic” snowfall

Carter referred the city’s current 75-inch snowfall total as “historic.” That total and the city’s narrowing streets prompted the ban. City officials said it is need to help emergency vehicles and school buses safely travel streets.


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“We know that on-street parking is critical to many residents, and we’ve done everything we can to keep streets as wide as possible this winter,” Kershaw said. “Right now, we can’t get our larger plow trucks down some residential streets. The parking ban enables our crews to be more responsive with whatever winter weather comes in the remaining season.”

Kershaw noted that the city is simply running out of places to store snow. “Snow is a team event,” he said, while thanking  residents who have kept their sidewalks clear. “People have been patient.”

Keep carts out of street

He also reminded residents to not place trash and recycle carts in the street, so plows can get through. “We understand that this is a big imposition and we ask everyone’s patience,” Kershaw said. “We’re now at a point where our plows are having a hard time getting down residential streets.”

Inks said public safety is a top priority for city leaders and that the one-sided parking ban will give fire trucks more room to travel residential streets.

A video of the news conference is available at https://www.facebook.com/cityofsaintpaul/videos/1554145318396151.

— Jane McClure


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