Judge throws out rent control lawsuit

Saint Paul landlords fail to convince court of injustice of rent control. A lawsuit filed by two Saint Paul landlords against the city’s new rent control ordinance has been thrown out of U.S. District Court. Judge Nancy Brasel granted the…


Letters to the Editor, May 31, 2023

Conventional democracy In a recent letter to the editor (“Endorsements are undemocratic,” MyVillager Inbox, May 17), the author criticizes the endorsement process of the DFL Party. However, as a delegate at the same convention, I would like to present a…

Driftwood pushed downstream and caught by a railroad bridge downtown St. Paul showed signs of the Mississippi River rising as snow fell 4/16/23. Photo by Brad Stauffer

Parks, streets slowly reopening following major spring flooding

The Mississippi River waters have receded and spring flood cleanup is well underway. Parks and streets that closed in April are reopening. Andy Rodriguez, director of the Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation, said it is not clear when…